Physics Department

Physics Department The department of physics is established in 2015 after the 20 years of established of S.R.S.D. govt. degree jainti. Initially, it was affiliated by Kumaun university and now it is affiliated by SSJU Almora University. At present, it offers under graduation (gen.) only. The syllabus of B.Sc. I (semester mode, session 2022-2023) is offered according to NEP 20. B.Sc. II and B.Sc. III both are running in annual mode along with B.Sc. I (semester mode).
SNo Teaching Non teaching (Lab assistant)
1 Sanctioned 01 01
2 Filled 01 01
SN. Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience   Contact No. Email
1. Dr. Versha Rani Chauhan M.Sc. , Ph.D Gate Assistant Professor Material Science and Nanotechnology ~3 Years 976111926
2. Mr.Prashant B.Sc (B.Ed.) Lab Assistant - ~7 Years 9927928569